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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Where are you all??

After an initial burst of enthusiasm it seems to have fallen by the wayside.... Bit too much of an effort to log on for all you boys!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Very Happy Toys

How amazing I am once again going to be able to waste hours of my time talking to a fine body of men on the new BBB.

So happy I am going out tonight to get very very pissed.

Still not had a smoke for 6 weeks.

Still very fat

LOL - especially to George.

yours as ever


Terry, While you are bored


As it is the 10th year of the Army it would be great to see if we could get as many of those who have been on tour to rejoin us (except those we didn't really like such as Tweedle!)

Ben, while bored you have the task of tracking down River and this time do not fail us !!



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Blobbys Back

Yippee !!!!!!!!

Now lets talk about Newbury 2004 and fat munters Pierre !!